Australian Coal Congestion in China

Splash24/7, the Global maritime and offshore news reporter, recently brought an article highlighting that dry bulk vessels laden with Australian coal are experiencing congestion in Jingtang, China. The Splash article specifically cited that there are more than 20 vessels waiting to discharge Australian coal in Jingtang.

The situation remains the same in Jingtang, where today (07 October 2020) there are 22 vessels waiting to discharge coal - Specifically 9 Capesizes and 13 Panamaxes. The vessels are carrying 2.4m metric ton of coal and have waited for an average of 102.7 days. Jingtang is far from the only port exhibiting this congestion behavior. In fact, it looks like there is a systemic issue of Australian coal congestion in China - At least when compared to the other major coal exporting countries, Indonesia and Russia.

The situation is interesting in the context of the China’s tightening of Australian coal and we decided to provide a bit of data from the Oceanbolt Data Platform to highlight what is currently happening with Australian coal in China. We summarized our findings in the slides below.