Charterers and Shipping Operators

Analyze the trading and operational history of any vessel

Chartering managers use the Oceanbolt platform to stay informed on trading and operational developments in their focus markets and for ad-hoc analyses that help them make better decisions, faster.

Oceanbolt Data Platform For Charterers and Shipping Operators

Oceanbolt Analytics Dashboard

Port Congestion Visibility

Stay updated on expected port congestion for voyage calculations and operational considerations using our Congestion Visibility module.

Terminal Market Share

Following and understand market share development of your fleet at a particular terminal of interest by using our Trade Flow module.

Vessel Details

Oceanbolt's Vessel Tracking module allows you to drill down on the voyage level and investigate the trading history of any dry bulk vessel in the fleet for fixture suitability.

Tonnage Insights

Our Tonnage Insights module allows for quick insights into regional and global tonnage trends. This gives charterers the opportutnity to monitor vessel movements and anticipate changes in vessel supply in areas of interest going forward.

Real-time trade flows
Monitor global dry bulk flows in real time
Current vessel status
View the current voyage status and cargo history for any dry bulk vessel
Port congestion
Stay updated on congestion and waiting time in any port
On-the-water flows
Understand what the fleet is doing in real time
Trade lane analysis
Detailed operational trade lane metrics for any port pair
Tonnage development
Use our Tonnage Map to gain quick insights into global and regional tonnage developments
Competitor tracking
Track what your competitors' fleets are doing and which cargoes they are carrying
Market share developments
View your market share at the port/terminal level to understand threats and opportunities