Commodity Trade Flows

Real-time trade flows for any dry bulk commodity

Oceanbolt’s Trade Flow module offers detailed insight into exports/imports of dry bulk commodities on a global scale.

Real-time, highly granular data

  • Concurrent insights into global trade

    Get updated on commodity movements as they happen, no need to wait for the release of new customs data or rely on hearsay by a broker. We track all dry bulk vessels' voyages from the second a vessel starts loading.

  • Voyage level or global aggregates

    We provide trade flow data as daily timeseries and as global aggregates or on a voyage level

  • Full coverage of any dry bulk commodity

    Our platform covers any dry bulk commodity transported by sea.

Trade Lane Metrics

Modern, easy-to-use integrations

  • Integrate Oceanbolt trade flow data into existing models

    Integrate our data using the Oceanbolt API to build your own models. Extract our data in CSV format and get continuously updated data with a few lines of code.

  • Discover new business opportunities

    Discover new trade routes and port pairs as they emerge for the identification of new sales opportunities.

  • Trade flow data as demand indicator

    Trade flows serve as a leading demand indicator for freight rate development. Leverage our best-in-class API infrastructure to build machine learning models for freight rate prediction.

Vessel routing

Trade flow stats and numbers


Dry bulk commodities tracked


Tons of cargo tracked annually


Years of history

Live Data From Oceanbolt Data Platform

Chinese Iron Ore Import

Million tonnes

2020 YTD


YTD imports of iron ore to China - live from Oceanbolt Data Platform. Last month numbers are MTD.
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