Commodity Traders

Stay up-to-date on trade flows and competition

Commodity traders use the Oceanbolt platform to stay informed on real-time imports/exports of any dry bulk commodity at any terminal.

Oceanbolt Data Platform For Commodity Traders

Oceanbolt Analytics Dashboard

Terminal-Level Trade Flows

Extract import/export volumes at the commodity and terminal level for any dry bulk terminal and commodity.

Terminal Market Share

Follow and understand market share development at a particular trade lane or terminal of interest.

Competitor Tracking

Get a detailed view of your competitor's output and supply chains. Oceanbolt's geospatial algorithms tie commodity flows to terminal operations.

Turnaround Analysis

Understand how much time vessels spend at anchorage and berth for loading/discharging operations in connection with port calls.

Real-time trade flows
Monitor global dry bulk flows in real time
Terminal-level voyage details
Detailed import/export statistics at the terminal level for any dry bulk commodity
Port congestion
Stay updated on congestion and waiting time in any port
On-the-water flows
Understand the volume of any commodity currently in transit on the water
Trade lane analysis
Detailed operational trade lane metrics for any port pair
API ready for timeseries analysis
Integrate our trade flow data directly into your existing trading model or BI tools
Competitor tracking
Track what your competitors' output and supply chains historically and in real time
Market share developments
View your market share at the port/terminal level to understand threats and opportunities