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API Access to Oceanbolt Data

Using industry standard formats (REST), the information can be easily integrated into any existing business intelligence solution or database, ensuring you and your team can work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Stay up-to-date on what is happening, what has happened and what will happen with powerful archive, live and predictive services. We provide a simple-to-use REST-based API that allows you to automate access and data extraction for all of our data products.

Example: Extracting YTD Iron Ore imports to China

// Send API request
          curl -x POST -h "Authorization: API_TOKEN" \
          -d '{"range":"month", "commodity":["iron_ore"], "toCountry":["china"], "fromDate":"2020-01-01",
          "direction":"import"}' \
// Data Response
          {"data": [
              {"month": "2020-Jan", "value":  96 226 100},
              {"month": "2020-Feb", "value":  79 924 200},
              {"month": "2020-Mar", "value":  87 871 000},
              {"month": "2020-Apr", "value":  88 870 200},
              {"month": "2020-May", "value":  91 462 400},
              {"month": "2020-Jun", "value":  91 946 200},
              {"month": "2020-Jul", "value": 100 922 700},
              {"month": "2020-Aug", "value":  99 576 200},
              {"month": "2020-Sep", "value":  99 710 900}

Trade flows API

Access real-time exports/imports of any dry bulk commodity on the terminal, port or country level.

Tonnage API

Integrate tonnage movements and developments into existing models.

Congestion API

Understand congestion trends as they happen on the port, country or region level.

Vessels API

Get the real-time status any voyage history for any dry bulk vessel on the planet.

Port Calls API

Get historical port calls for any port or vessel.

Excel Integration

Direct access to the data through our Excel Addin.

Python SDK

Use our powerful Python SDK to extract data automate your analytics pipelines.

R Package

Use our R package to ingest the data directly into R for further processing and analytics.

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