Vessel Trade History

Detailed view of voyage history for any dry bulk vessel

Oceanbolt’s Vessel Tracking module offers detailed insight into the port call and voyage history of any dry bulk vessel in the fleet dating back to 2015.

Current vessel status

  • Detailed real-time understanding of the dry bulk fleet

    Aggregate vessel level status for the entire fleet to understand in detail how many vessels are currently laden underway with soybeans from Brazil, or waiting to discharge coal in China.

  • Assess the suitability of any vessel

    Use our voyage status to assess the suitability of a vessel for a given cargo. You can view the current location, cargo, and voyage status for any vessel just by typing in the vessel name or IMO.

Live Vessel Status

Voyage and port call history

  • Operational history

    Understand time spent in port, at anchorage or at berth for any vessel and compare it to the fleet/class average.

  • Cargo history

    Check which cargoes a vessel has carried previously and which ports/terminals it has visited.

  • Check if a vessel has visited sanctioned ports

    Drill down and extract the full list of historical voyages and port calls, to investigate if a vessel has visited a sanctioned or high risk area in the past.

  • Know when a vessel last visited a dock

    Extract lists of past shipyard stays to understand the frequency/recency of vessel maintainance.

Tonnage Timeseries